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8 May 2007
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Jourdy’s 90 Gallon reef tank first caught our eye with an explosion of colorful Zoanthids. It made us think someone spilled a bag of skittles in the tank and somehow they starting sprouting Zoas. Can you taste the rainbow?


Zoa cluster in Jourdy’s 90g reef tank: Photo Credit Jourdy

What makes Jourdy’s 90 gallon reef tank unique is that he lives in the Philippines so his access to aquarium corals is different from what we are used to seeing in North America. Jourdy says he has been keeping aquariums since 2001 and starting to have success with his tank around 2005 when a local reef club started in the Philippines.

Zoa cluster in Jourdy 90g reef tank: Photo Credit Jourdy

His first reef tanks started with no chillers or skimmer and only some fluorescent bulbs to lights the tank. As the hobby has grown and more american products became available to him his tank has flourished. Jourdy’s 90 gallon tank runs off two EcoTech Radion and two EcoTech Mp40’s with a Reef Octopus XP2000 cone skimmer and TECO TR20 Chiller.


A top down view of Jourdy’s new Zoa scape: Photo Credit Jourdy

Jourdy says his corals, mostly LPS and Zoa’s were selected for easy maintenance, as he is often away from home for days at a time, and that he uses biopellets to control nutrients. Since Jourdy’s first zoa explosion pictures were posted online in 2014 he has continued delighting us with beautiful updates of his ever evolving system.

In summer of 2015 Jourdy added this full tank shot of his 125g underwater garden. You can see Jourdy’s passion for reefing is all the updates he posts, showing progression of his Zoa garden, how he has aquascaped his new reef or answering questions. You can follow along with Jourdy’s 90 Gallon mixed reef thread here.


Jourdy’s 125g reef tank: Photo Credit Jourdy

We wanted to share these photos with you for some daily inspiration. Jourdy’s new 125g reef tank includes his favorite coral the Zoanthid, a super puffy collection of cynarinas and has more SPS corals than his previous LPS and Zoa dominated reef. All photos belong to Jourdy.

Current photo of Jourdy’s 125g set up. [Click for full size] Photo Credit : Jourdy

Photo Credit Jourdy

Photo Credit Jourdy

Photo Credit Jourdy

Photo Credit Jourdy

Photo Credit Jourdy

We would also like to congratulate Jourdy, as we noticed he posted this 100% edible reef cake this weekend saying it was his wedding cake two weeks ago. Congratulation!


Jourdy’s Wedding cake, Photo Credit Jourdy

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I like his wedding cake as well, I wonder what a blasto tastes like? :lol:
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