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    Simply titled My SPS Reef Tank, we have don’t have a whole lot of information about Jono Chang’s reef from New Zealand, but we do know one thing for certain, this reef is stunning. Large SPS colonies with Acropora formosa in the back and more plating coral in the front create a stunning aquascape, and we love the color balance of blue and green with a few supplemental colors in between. The system interestingly is stocked with a few large angelfish including a what appear to be Pomacanthus navarchus and a Pomacanthus xanthometopon both in their adult coloration. Large fish that you’d think would both enjoy and occasional bite at the many corals surrounding them, but if the corals are being nipped at they certainly don’t show it as all the corals appear to be in superb health.

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    The system measures 47 by 31 by 24 inches (120x80x60cm) and holds approximately 152 gallons (576 liters).* Lighting is provided by an ATI T5 module with eight 54 watt T5 fluorescent bulbs, and filtration is dealt with by a Bubble Magus 2000 E skimmer. A Bubble Magus reactor with GFO removes any additional funk missed by the skimmer. Water movement is achieved by the use of two MP40 pumps within the display along with additional flow from the return pipe. A grotech 3 channel pump doses all the additives added to the system.

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