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    Hawaii is looking to alter the collection of reef fish as the Department of Land & Natural Resources, Division of Aquatic Resources is having a hearing to discuss the managed fishery for the aquarium trade. There are significant environmental opponents of allowing any collection of Hawaiian reef fish for the aquarium trade, but many people within the aquarium industry are pushing for a managed fishery and they are looking for your support.

    Wayne Sugiyama, of Wayne’s Ocean World, is presenting information on behalf of the aquarium trade and any positive testimony or support presented will help the case. If you are interested in supporting the cause, either download this document or create your own addressed to Alton Miyasaka, Department of Land & Natural Resources, Division of Aquatic Resources. You can then email these to Wayne to present at the hearing at WOWHAWAII[at]

    Alton Miyasaka
    Department of Land & Natural Resources
    Division of Aquatic Resources

    Testimony in support of the proposed Oahu aquarium collecting rules

    I support a sustainable and well managed aquarium fishery in Hawaii. The proposed regulations for aquarium fish collecting on Oahu, including size limits, restricted species, net restrictions, and daily bag limits will improve the management of the marine resources and be beneficial for aquarists, fishermen, and the public. Please approve the rules draft.

    For more information on the proposed ban, MASNA has put together a site to help cut through the hype behind banning this trade. Find out more information at “


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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