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    Glass artist Joe Peters has some amazing ocean scene glass sculptures. His sculptures capture the vivid coloration and sleek beauty of fish, coral and other sea creatures and would be a welcome addition to our houses. While these sculptures may not fit everyone’s aesthetic, you have to admit these are incredible art pieces.

    Mastering glass as a medium is a challenge for anyone, yet artists like Joe make it look all to easy. His solo work is truly amazing and he has also teamed up with fellow glass artisan Peter Muller*for some dynamic pieces. Here is a bit on Joe’s background:

    Growing up in western Massachusetts I have been surrounded by an environment rich in the arts. After living and scuba diving in areas of Central America, I gained an appreciation for underwater plant and amphibian life. I have tried to integrate these elements into my handblown glasswork by utilizing a technique called torchwork otherwise known as lampworking or flameworking.

    Glass is an exciting and fast-paced medium, which allows me to create fine detail in the color and form of my sculptural pieces. Moving from the study of furnace glass to torchwork, I found that torchwork provides me with the flexibility to create the detail demanded by my subject.

    Working with colored, transparent, and dichroic glasses and metals provides limitless possibilities for creating sculptural form and texture. Nature, as the subject for most of my work, provides endless opportunities to explore the depth, color and reflective properties of glass. I especially like the spontaneity of glass. When I start a piece, I have something in mind but I’m never exactly sure what the what the finished piece will be.

    peters_octopusink-150x150.png peters_coralreef21-150x150.png 166039_10152837940680066_245526826_n-150x150.jpg
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