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8 May 2007
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Do you want to work for the big mouse? You could if you meet the basic qualifications. Disney is looking for an aquarist to work in their Epcot theme park with the attractions: Living Seas, the Land Aquacell, Typhoon Lagoon’s Shark Reef and off site areas under the direction of Senior Aquarists and Animal Care management.

You would need to live in the Orlando, Florida region but during lunch if you were hired you could walk over to any of the World Showcase countries and grab lunch. The benefit package is equally nice, Disney is known for being a top company to work for and has an impressive company culture. Most people who start working at Disney seldom leave.

You will need to hold a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, Aquaculture, Zoology, three years of experience working at a certified AZA-accredited facility, or acceptable equivalent. Plus you’ll need to learn how to scuba dive and the ability to grab a passport which means you can expect to travel globally. Reef Builders staff has seen the behind the scenes work at these facilities and they are in always tip top shape.

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