JNS Skimmer pump replacement

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    Friend of mine @blackghostknife JNS skimmer stopped working. After taking it apart he noticed his impeller magnet cracked open. After trying today to get a replacement I offered him to use my TS2 until he can source a replacement. I'm not using the TS2 at the moment.

    He came around with complete JNS skimmer and we decided to see what else we can do.

    Used 2 pieces of flexible hose. Another 10mm silicone tubing and a 2000L/h DC pump that I used on the TS2.


    One piece flexible hose connect the pump to skimmer.
    Other pipe I drilled a 10mm hole into it. Added the very short piece of 10mm flexible hose to it. The end of the 10mm pipe is cut at 45 degree facing the pump. JNS breather pipe attached to the short 10mm pipe. DIY Venturi.

    And it runs. Check the bubbles inside!

    The pump is actually a return pump, does not have a pinwheel impeller.
    A 3000L/h pump might work better with pinwheel.

    But for now, this solution works until a 3000L/h with pinwheel DC pump can be found.
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    Gotta love a bit of DIY. :)
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