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    JNS has released two new large protein skimmers this year, the ConeS Q and the CO-5, both of which leverage the turbulence-reducing bubble plate and their distinctive mini-cones. Both of the new JNS skimmers are some of the larger models JNS has released for internal use, inside a sump, but differ slightly in their pump configuration.

    [​IMG]Both the ConeS Q and CO5 use Sicce needle wheel pumps, silicone feet and noise reducing features throughout their designs. It may be a small feature but the handle on the protein skimmer cup does make it much easier to handle with one hand compared to other large skimmers with large cups.

    The ConeS Q pictured above is a minimal footprint model with the Sicce shark pump placed inside the body right under the diffuser plate, and it has a nice tapering cone shape to the body which is carried into the cup for even greater turbulence reduction. Meanwhile the ConeS CO5 pictured below has an externally mounted pump for greater reaction volume inside the skimmer body. 


    When JNS first introduced their ConeS protein skimmer line which is defined by a bubble plate of rocket nozzles, we must admit that we were somewhat skeptical of this design. It seems kind of gimmicky to put these large cone-shaped nozzles on a bubble diffuser plate but the result is really effective at reducing turbulence.

    Both of these nice and larger protein skimmers in the ConeS series show a great degree of refinement even if that shark fin on top of the externally mounted Sicce pump is totally superfluous. No word on when these new ConeS models may be available in the US, but full specifications and details of each are available on the JNS website. [ConeS CO5, ConeS Q]

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