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    These JNS Dosing containers look great and probably work like great, but we have to admit that dosing containers are more of a nice accessory than anything else, mostly doing not much more than being more presentable than a regular jug, perhaps saving some cabinet real estate. Aquarists use them however, and these JNS Dosing containers certainly seem like a good option. In a classy clear and white acrylic they certainly clean up the cabinet, and they offer some nice “features” that make it a valid contender for you dosing container needs.

    The JNS dosing containers are not going to blow you away with features, but they are stackable, come in several different sizes and are completely drainable with the turn of a knob. The drain furthermore comes with a tubing adapter so you can simply attach* it to the drain rather than having to run tubing through the top. The lid is additionally easily removable for easy top off and cleaning. When these containers will hit the states and at what price point we’re not sure, but more info on these puppies can be found on the JNS Aquaria website.


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