RSS JNS BioPellet Reactors add new “twist” to fluidized reactors

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    The new JNS BioPellet Reactors are using an innovative vortex to keep biopellets in suspension inside the reaction chamber to ensure an even flow of water around the pellets to maximize their potential. The spinning vortex helps prevent clumping and channeling of the pellets that can happen with uneven flow percolating through the media. In the JNS BioPellet Reactor, the pump is mounted on the bottom to keep the footprint small, to feed water through the reactor and to create the vortex.

    This is one of the more innovative methods we’ve seen to fluidize biopellets and its nice to see the bottom mounted pump to decrease the overall sump presence but also to eliminate the need for hoses to connect the feed pump to the chamber. The JNS BioPellet Reactors are built from sturdy acrylic with a unique upper plate and lid assembly with a built in plenum to keep the pellets in the chamber without the need for sponges along with a side-mounted discharge tube to carry the effluent into your sump.

    These reactors come in two sizes dubbed the JNS BioPellet Reactor Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. The smaller reactor is the Alpha 1 with an 11 cm x 14 cm footprint, 7 cm diameter reaction chamber, 37 cm overall height and half liter capacity. The JNS Alpha 2 has a footprint of 15 cm x 18 cm using a 10 cm diameter reaction chamber for an overall height of 37 cm. The capacity of the Alpha 2 is 1.3 liters overall. We are waiting on information regarding the pump brand and flow rate details and will pass that along shortly. The JNS BioPellet Reactor will retail around $99.99 for the Alpha 1 and $129.99 for the Alpha 2. Thanks again to Sea Side Aquatics for sharing this product (please note, Sea Side Aquatics is a distributor only, have your favorite LFS or online retailer contact SSA if you are interested in this product.)





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