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    Jim’s temperate pico might be very simplistic in color, but it is certainly not lacking in form.* Owned by the same hobbyist as the azoox fish bowl, this is another awesome setup. Both the imposing aquascape and beautiful corals really make the system a stunning display.* The scape does slightly remind us of Johnny Ciotti’s upside down aquascape sharing a similar top heavy rock rock structure, but that is actually a great thing. The system is temperate, and runs at around 55F.

    Jims-temperate-reef.jpg The stunning display was custom built by Envision Acrylics and features a 2.5 gallon display area and 1/2 gallon filtratio area. The whole tank was build with extra thick acrylic for insulation and to minimize condensation, while two IceProbe chillers keep the tank at a chilly 55F. Lighting consists of two custom pico LED fixtures from Build My LED.

    Each LED strip measures 8 inches, and combined the fixtures use six royal blue LEDs, two neutral white LEDs, two UV LEDs, a red LED, and a green LED. Each color of LED is on its own channel and is independently dimmable. All livestock was collected by Coldwater Marine Aquatics. For more information on the system check out Jim’s build thread over in the nano-reef biotope forums.
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    that's 12.7 degree Celsius.
    a really cold tank.

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