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    Econlux is better known for its general*application*lighting and but is stepping into the aquarium scene with the new Jellyflap mini-aquarium system for jellyfish. The Jellyflap is geared towards anyone looking to keep Aurelia aurita*at home. Econlux has found a nifty semispherical design that may not be for everyone, but for someone looking for a fun conversation piece for home or office, the Jellyflap might just be right up your lappets.

    Like most of the all-in-one jellyfish tanks we’ve seen, the Jellyflap is a kreisel with built in filtration and*controllable*LED lights for your enjoyment. The Jellyflap comes with LEDs and remote control, filtration media, a net, cleaning pad and waterchange siphon. We aren’t sure if the Jellyflap also includes sourcing jellyfish and food for the critters but we’d expect not. We don’t know the final price yet but are hoping Econlux finds better luck than one desktop jellyfish tank we’ve covered before.

    Move into a cylindrical tank, seemingly weightless, ethereal-looking creatures from the deep sea spirits incessantly their tracks – the amazing thing about this is that both fascinating and relaxing view of the wonders of the depth can be entirely without experience dive.

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