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    The Jellyfish Art desktop Jellyfish Aquarium we spied earlier this year is one-step closer to being the best thing to hit your office since the whoopie cushion epidemic of 2010. This all-on-one jelly aquarium is getting more financial backing via Kickstarter and for a donation of $350, you can get one of these delivered.

    By using the bootstrapping, online funding avenue, Jellyfish Art was seeing a mere $3,000 to help them get enough capital to build its first set of tanks for commercial*availability. So far it looks like its been a success and thanks to a little push from Gizmodo, Jellyfish Art has gained over $43,000 in pledging.

    That is good news for the upstart aquarium company and for the $350 investment, you save just under $150 off the original retail pricing. We’d love to see one of these babies on our desk for us to appreciate in between researching all the incredible news in the reefing hobby to being your way — wink, wink. Check out the image below for all you get in the kit.


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