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Hi Guys,

I'm quite new on this and I've only recently registered on MASA and I was just wondering if you guys can assist me on this Jebo skimmer topic.

I bought a whole second hand setup which included a Jebo skimmer (same one as shown in the pics) and the collection cup keeps filling up with water although it's above my water level in the sump. Am I being ignorant by not connecting an air pump to the inlet of the skimmer? Do you know what the problem could be?

I'm still learning a lot about this and I know that this post is fairly old already, but I'd appreciate any help I can get.

Ps. From what I've read, the Jebo is a piece of %#$.....right?
dude jebo's are not the greatest but funny thing is we have all had them, to a extent they work but with much fiddling and fussing
Mine after a few mods worked well, well thats what i thought untill i upgraded.
Unless i see how it is conected up ( moded) would be hard to help,

But here goes,
Is the pump the original skimmers pump?
If it is on the water jet outlet there should be a controll tap, play around with
it, as it regulates water flow.

Is the pump and skimmer set up in line, striaght from pump water jet to inlet of skimmer.
If not they are made to work like that. Put the pump's jet straight in the skimmer inlet.

On the outlet is another water flow management device is it open or closed.

Thats all i could think about. hope it helps

By the way consider the purchase of a deceant skimmer, it is after all one of the most inportant aspects of current filtration methods.
Hi Quicken - everyone always starts out using some piece of crap ;-) AND I MEAN EVERYONE!
Unfortunately I have not used the Jebo myself - I started out using a Red Sea Berlin Airstone skimmer, and a modified Queen skimmer... I progressed to a Red Sea Prizm Pro Deluxe AND a WeiPro SA-2013 (both these skimmer are still seen as "crap" but at least they are a bit better than the air-driven skimmers)... I still use the Prizm Pro, and have been able to fine-tune it that I remove a full cup of stinking dark-green skimmate every day or two..... after a few days I replenish the water in my tank with "fresh salt-water".... I use this method as well to do "constant" water changes, as I run my Prizm Pro VERY wet.... I remove +-25 to 30 litres of water every week in this way...

So, your Jebo could possibly just be set to skim VERY wet, or as you say, you might need to add an external air-pump.... Do you see a lot of tiny white bubbles in the body of the Jebo at any time? if not, you need to add an air-pump, or your air-inlet is clogged up.... If you do, then your skimmer is set to skim too wet....

Hope this helped at all...

Kindest regards.
Thanks for quick response guys,

The skimmer is connected directly to the pump. The pump is an Otto 2000l/h which should suffice I guess. There are a lot of white bubbles in the skimmer, so I assume that it is skimming, but the collection cup is constantly full of water. How do you set it or tune (not tuning it hoezit my skeemer!!!) it right? It seems like such a simple thing.
I would think if the cup is filling up with water all the time that the pump may be too strong, does the skimmer have a little knob either on the exit or the inlet to control the water flow? If it has a knob on the exit then make sure it is fully open, if it is on the inlet then close it a little bit to restrict the amount of water going into the skimmer.
agree with viper.the pump might be too powerfull for it.when i ran my jebo,i used a 1000lph pump,and managed to get some dark skimmate outa it
I also started with a Jebo and do not want to add a lot exept that I HAVE NO MORE SKIMMER PROBS SINCE i BOUGHT A TS2.
I bought a whole second hand setup which included a Jebo skimmer (same one as shown in the pics) and the collection cup keeps filling up with water although it's above my water level in the sump. Am I being ignorant by not connecting an air pump to the inlet of the skimmer? Do you know what the problem could be?
If you getting clear water in the cup, then you are skimming too wet, basically that means the water level in the skimmer is too high. A couple of things could cause this, the pump is too strong, or the skimmer is submerged too deep in the water or the water exit from the skimmer is restricted. You have wet foam rising up from the skimmer and you have to give it space to form a drier foam which will rise up the neck and into the cup.
It is true we all started on the Jebo/Queen skimmers and you can get them to skim but believe me they will never perform like a skimmer should. My advice here would be to purchase a more trusted skimmer, this is after all the hart of your filtration system.
Thanks for the welcome guys. It's good to know that there are people out there I can talk to about this.

It seems as though I'll have to get a proper skimmer. A TS1 should do the job. I'll definitely have to get a bigger one now; My tank burst 3 o'clock this morning.:blushing: SALT WATER ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!! Luckily there were no life in there yet and I have another tank I can convert with little effort but it takes double the volume of water (Hopefully that one won't blow out). The glass on the tank that burst was only 5mm glass and I had the strut at the top of the glass cut out for my halide to give maximum light output, so the stability of the glass was lowered. Stupid me thought that it would be ok, after I was told that the tank should hold the water. The other tank that I want to convert is 1500L x 500H x 450W. What is the best glass thickness to be safe with a marine setup? This tank has a strut at the top to keep everything together (I won't have that one cut out).

Thanks for all your opinions and help thus far. It has assisted me a lot.
Good advice there. Hey! Save up and buy a good skimmer ;) I got a second hand AM1000 and it is such a pleasure to use. After using airstone skimmers and a Jebo, there is nothing as pleasing as to use a proper skimmer.
Welcome Quicken, sorry about the tank burst. Good luck with your back up tank and keep us posted on the progress ;)
Hi Quicken! Sorry to hear about the tank burst man! Yeah - cutting the bracing/strut at the top could do that type of a thing with you....
Luckily, there were no life-stock in the tank yet.

There are a few thread on here where glass thickness calculations are being discussed... I will try and find the link and post it here for you.

Good luck!
Thanks I'll appreciate it. I'll go and have a look at the information on the forums.
I only have a limited amount of internet usage at work, so I don't know for how much longer I can chat.

Sorry to hear about the tank, bracing is quite important on these tanks.
BTW, save up some moolah and get a Reeftek needlewheel skimmer.I was in the same boat as u as well as all the others,Jebo ftl :(.
TS1 ftw :D
Hell, sorry to hear about the burst tank, you wont go wrong with the TS range of skimmers, very good value for money.
sorry to hear about the tank, I feel for you

Yeah the TS range of skimmers are great
Welcome Quicken!

Yes, I have a Reeftek TS1 and it was the best reef purchaseI have made.
Yes even the Jebo made it, as many of us have had them and there are mods that can be done to them.
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