JEBO Quadplex skimmer pump

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    Hi guys yesterday I was given one of the above skimmers less the pump anyone know what pump it takes.I tried it with my lifetech 3500 wich was way too much for it and also tried a aleas ipf re00 which was too small. These are the anly pumps - had available to test with and I don't whant to go buy another pump that won't fit the bill eather
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    a pump of 2000lph will suffice, if memory serves me i dont even think they had any sort of needle wheel or anything just the standard impellor with the pump provided..

    my honest opinion.. its a nice retro flowerpot.. get at TS2 or something better.. but you are wasting your time with such a skimmer unless the system is like 20lt or so and you are doing 10lt water changes bi monthly...

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