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    The Jebao WP40 is a wavemaker from China positioning it against top-shelf water movers such as the EcoTech Marine Vortech or Tunze Wavecontroller 7092 but at a fraction of the cost. While it resembles the Tunze Turbelle design more than a Vortech, the Jebao WP40 has flow rates up to 13,000 l/hr (about 3,400 GPH) with six different wave modes on the controller.

    Using a magnet mount and suction cup and noise absorbency we have seen in other pumps, the Jebo WP-40 has 360 degree rotation with a ceramic shaft for the propeller. As we mentioned before, there are six different flow modes hitting at constant flow 13,000 l/hr; 6,500 l/hr, or 4,300 l/hr with three separate variable stream modes using 12 to 40W depending on the mode.

    The first flow mode is a wavemaking function. Using the dial on the controller, you can control the wavelength to fit the tank length. The second is a reef stream mode that is adjustable, most likely similar to the reef crest mode on the Vortech. The final mode is a variety of modes that can be adjusted depending on the features you’s like in your tank.

    The pump also features a 10-minute feeding mode. One nice function is utilizing a light sensor to control the night mode. When selected, the sensor will slow down the stream at half power when the lights go off in your tank.

    From our experience with other products like this, they perform OK and are a decent option if you are on a budget. If you are interested in the Jebao, they are starting to make their way into the market and will run around $150 USD.

    Thanks for the tip*Rachan.

    Jebo WP-40 WaveMaker 13000L - YouTube

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