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    We don’t know what it is about that Waveline line of water pumps that makes it*sooooo attractive to being rebranded by everyone in the aquarium industry and their extended family. We know why the OG Waveline rocks as an aquarium water pump and a protein skimmer pump but it’s still unexplainable why even Jebao, a Chinese company would rebadge a Chinese product.

    The Jebao Marine Aqua DC Pump is what the Waveline is called when it’s in a Jebao box, but more specifically we believe Jebao is the first company to market the next generation Waveline 6000, 9000 and 12,000. More surprisingly, Jebao the company that specifically named their Tunze stream knockoff propeller pump the WP-40 to confuse buyers with the Vortech MP-40, this company right here, has the audacity to rename the Waveline pumps they are selling as “Eco-Tech”.


    We’re all for competition in the market place and kudos to Chinese manufacturers for reproducing products that are cheap and disposable but where does the buck stop? Jebao seems to be lacking in professional ethics, stealing names and designs, and they are the same company that released a clone of the ill-fated Red Dragon 3 all the while asking us not to take pictures of their intellectual property theft.

    We’re happy to see an abundance of the controllable DC pumps taking the world by storm, but the big question is, who do you think will jump on this bandwagon next?

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