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8 May 2007
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The Jebao/Jecod ‘Cross-Flow’ Wave Pump’ has appeared, verifying the rumors that Jebao had already developed a knock-off of the MaxSpect Gyre pump. Jebao’s Cross-Flow Wave Pump will be available in two sizes, the Jecod CP-45 with 45 watts of power and hte Jecod CP-25 with 25 watts of power.

The new Jecod Cross-Flow seems to go toe-to-toe for every feature of the MaxSpect Gyre pump and the only thing that maker Jebao didn’t outright rip-off was the Gyre name. As you might expect, since Jebao didn’t have to amortize any Research and Development, patent or trademark costs, the Jecod Cross-Flow pump’s only ‘improvement’ will be a low balled price compared to the Gyre pump.

The first retailer to offer the Jecod Cross-Flow Wave Pump is Reef Green Tech from France, and since they also carry MaxSpect products we can see a direct comparison of pricing in Euros. While the MaxSpect XF-150 retails for 309€ and the XF-130 sells for 259€, the price of the Jecod CP-45 is a staggerlingly low €109 – nearly half the price of the XF-130 and almost a third the cost of the XF-150! [Ed. Note. Reef Green Tech has since taken down their listing of the Jecod pump due to possible penalties of selling an IP-infringing product]

Sure it’s nice to have effective aquarium devices costing less due to competition, but Jebao is not competing, they are practicing wonton disregard for intellectual property, and the theft of the hard work and innovation that MaxSpect put into the original Gyre pump. If you think you’ll be getting a deal with a cut-throat priced Jecod Cross Flow Wave Pump, you can be guaranteed that Jebao cut every corner to make the Jecod Cross Flow as cheap as possible.

The cross flow probably uses as little material in its rotors as possible, the cheapest possible bearing material, the least amount of epoxy to seal the copper wires of the motor etc. And who you going to call when the Jecod Cross-Flow breaks down, or worse, has a breach of the motor potting which leeches copper into your reef aquarium?

Thankfully for MaxSpect, they did their due diligence in applying for all manner of international patents and trademarks, knowing full well that unscrupulous companies like Jebao would never respect it. Needless to say, MaxSpect is probably all lawyered up and they aren’t going wait nearly as long as Hydor to do something about this infraction by Jebao.

We’ve reached out to Maxspect and received this official statement about the whole situation:

It is an understatement to say that every industry in the world is having their share of problems with it comes to Intellectual Property infringement, and it just appears that our industry is not immune to this problem either. In fact as we can see the issue intensify rapidly in recent years, and unfortunately for us, it seems that we are also falling victim to having our Intellectual Property infringed by another company recently.

To combat Intellectual Property infringement activities, Maxspect will not hesitate and take all necessary steps to properly protect our US and international PCT patented technology. We have already initiated the corresponding legal activities and would make an official announcement very soon regarding this matter.

For years Maxspect had been focusing on researching and developing some of the most innovating technologies and award-winning products, and they were very well received by both our industry and consumers. In the future, Maxspect will continue to innovate and bring even more interesting and revolutionary products to the market.
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