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    The JBWave is a third party controller for Jebao propeller pumps made by Joe Jaworski. Joe is an electrical engineer who’s been making electronic devices for aquariums for nearly ten years, all the way back to the days of MCU Research and the Lighthouse aquarium controller.

    Lately, Jaworski’s attention has been focused on more practical, standalone aquarium accessories to increase the versatility of electronic aquarium gear, such as Jebao pumps. The first offering of the JBWave simply linked two pumps together to get synchronized water flow from two Jebao pumps.

    Jebao has since released a wireless controller for their pumps as well, so the JBWave had to get a bump in functionality to stay relevant in the marketplace. The NEW JBWave now has wireless control but unlike Jebao’s offering which is a controller for wirelessly synching pumps, the JBWave is hard wired into two pumps and is wirelessly controlled via smartphone over bluetooth.

    Where the Jebao wireless controller costs between $60 and $90 to put a single pump ‘on the air’, the JBWave costs $89 to link up two pumps, and control them with your smartphone. The one drawback about the JBWave is that there are dedicated models for either Apple or Android devices so you best know which one you really want. [JBWave]
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