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8 May 2007
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The JBL Proflora pH Control Touch is an all in one pH controlling solution for the careful addition of CO2 to aquariums. pH controllers have always been an integral piece of equipment for dosing planted tanks and running calcium reactors, and the JBL pH Control Touch is the first one to go all in with a touchscreen interface.

Typical pH controllers for aquarium purposes have been mostly analog, with limited interaction through the use a few built in buttons. But with the built-in touchscreen as the primary interface for the JBL Proflora pH control Touch, users are afforded a lot more flexibility in setting their desired pH level, range, etc.


The extra real estate of the full color touchscreen can display a whole lot more than just the pH level, which is displayed to 0.01 resolution. The display also reports on the temperature of the aquarium water, the actual health and function of the pH probe, as well as the range that the pH has deviated in the last 24 hours.

The touchscreen interface of the JBL ProFlora pH Control Touch really unlocks a whole lot more functionality than would be possible with a typical alpha-numeric LCD screen, and it makes accessing those features so much easier. JBL being mostly a brand for freshwater aquarium products has fine tuned the features of the pH Control Touch for planted aquarium needs, so we are unsure how suitable this device would be at controlling pH in a calcium reactor or for keeping the pH higher through the use of kalkwasser addition.

Priced at 225€ (~$249), the JBL pH Control Touch is replicating many of the functions that full fledged aquarium controllers can perform. The pH Control Touch also seems to only be able to control a DC-powered solenoid, and it might only be compatible with JBL’s own solenoid valve. But if you’re really serious about critical control of pH levels in a planted tank or other application, having one computer to manage that task and do it well might be well worth the investment. [JBL]


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