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    The new JBL Cooler and CoolControl are simple, low-voltage cooling fans and temperature controller that are an affordable way to cool your aquarium. As temperatures are starting to increase, aquarium *cooling is a big priority with many hobbyists.*While chillers are a a great way to keep your tank cool, they are often cost prohibitive and evaporative cooling is one of the easiest and most economical ways to cool your system.

    The JBL Cooler is a 12VDC low voltage cooling system that consists of a fan array that clips on your aquarium and blows air over the surface of the water. Available in three sizes, the JBL Cooler 100 has two fans, the 200 has four and the 300 has six fans. According to JBL’s own research, temperature drops as much as 4° C were achieved using this system.

    You could run the fans 24/7 but using a temperature controller makes it more efficient and that is where the JBL CoolControl comes into play. This simple temperature controller allows you to connect up to a 50W fan (can easily handle any of the JBL Cooler fans) and set the controller from*18 and 36 °C.

    These aren’t entirely new to the market as we’ve seen other companies coming out with similar clip-on fans over the years, but it is always good to have more options on the market.

    Both products are available now. The JBL CoolControl is retailing for*€19 (about $25 USD). The JBL Cooler retails around*€34 for the Cooler 100,*€51 ($45 USD) for the Cooler 200 ($67 USD) and*€60 ($79) for the Cooler 300. 61271-150x150.jpg 128320-150x150.jpg 128321-150x150.jpg 128322-150x150.jpg
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    I got a similar type unit. Works wonderful and do cool your tank. Pushes up your RO usage.

    But they use very slim fans in it. 10mm. And those fans are impossible to find, and extremely expensive compared to 20 or 25mm fans that are freely available. Wonder what size fans do these units take?

    Due to the unit being used in a moisture rich environment. The fans will not last forever. They will pack up one day. But still this is a lot cheaper to run than a chiller. And initial cost is almost nothing compared to chiller. Plus it does not take up a lot of space.
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