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    The JBJ Unibody Wifi is a new feature that will soon become available for drivers of the popular JBJ Unibody LED light fixtures. In addition to the two new models of the JBJ Unibody LED, the wifi capability will allow just about any wifi-enabled phone to jump to a local IP address and adjust up to four channels of color control in 1% increments from all the way on to all the way off. The best part of the new wifi features of the JBJ Unibody is that if you already have one, you will be able to upgrade just the remote driver box to benefit from all these great features. The JBJ Wifi Unibody LED will become available June 2012 with pricing yet to be announced, full PR after the jump.*


    Offered in a full family of 36, 54, and 108 watt models, the Unibody wifi offers an impressive array of features while offering cost savings through improved energy efficiency, reduced consumption, and features unmatched in the industry.*
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