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    The micro crafted Unibody that Nano Customs has been trickling out over the last couple years is about to see a much broader audience with a deal to have the Unibody marketed and distributed by JBJ. The Unibody LED reef aquarium light is probably the coolest product ever brought to market by JBJ. With 54 watts of LEDs in white, blue and royal blue with dual channel control riding an actively cooled aluminum body, this machined metal LED light stands out from JBJ’s fleet of molded plastic aquarium products. Press release after the break

    Like previous Unibody LED lights from NanoCustoms, this new light for JBJ is CNC machined from billet aluminum in the USA. At a mere 0.92x 6 x 8 inches, the JBJ Unibody LED weighs just over a pound making it one of the thinnest actively cooled LED lighting systems on the market.

    This lightweight design allows for a gooseneck clamp on design that can be manipulated in a variety of positions. 2 Channels of LEDs for a total of 54w. As of press time, LEDs are Edison LEDs in Cool White + Blue/Royal blue – Tricolor. Available in 20K or 10K models, all units can be color tuned from 6500K to 20000K manually or via controller.

    Featuring “Duo 700″ LED drivers that allow for intuitive 2 channel manual dimming via sliders built into the wall mountable, aluminum electronics box. Third-party 0-10v controller ready.

    Expected Late to Mid November 2011 with a retail price of $349

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