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    JBJ unveiled its next generation line of JBJ Rimless Aquariums recently and we are looking forward to seeing these first hand at MACNA. The new JBJ Rimless 45RL is a 45 gallon tank that is a larger departure from the company’s typical line of smaller nano aquariums.

    The new JBJ 45RL features bent glass corners and the clean rimless line along with the integrated filtration chambers in the back that make the all-in-one so popular. The 45 gallon size gives you a bit more stability from the increased water volume and a tad bit more room for livestock compared to the 30 gallon predecessor.

    Like the previous JBJ aquariums, the 45RL kit will be available with a modern-styled stand. If it is similar to the stand we saw previously with the JBJ LED Nanocube, they are aesthetically pleasing, easy to assemble and pretty sturdy. You can also opt for a custom stand. Either way you go, there is should be a good amount of storage and a designated spot for a JBJ Arctica chiller.

    These should be available in November just in time for the holidays. We should find out for details on the dimensions and pricing between now and MACNA. We are also unsure if the Pacifica DX light shown in the image above is a discounted option for the new 45RL.
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