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    The Sapphire Aquatics nano protein skimmer was one of the most popular micro skimmers widely used in a range of mini reefs and all-in-one nano reef tanks. Sapphire Aquatics may have shut down operations over a year and a half ago but many aquarists still use and talk about the performance of the Sapphire nano skimmer, and that popularity was not lost on some of the new handlers of JBJ.

    The “new” JBJ is already in talks with the former owner of Sapphire Aquatics to license the simple and effective design of their nano skimmer. In truth the only drawback of the old Sapphire nano skimmer was that the handmade production could never keep up with demand. If JBJ and Sapphire strike a deal, we should be seeing oodles of injection molded JBJ/Sapphire protein skimmers, maybe by year’s end. We’d personally love to see a “Phoenix” nano skimmer rise from the ashes of the old Sapphire Aquatics.
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