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    The new JBJ Cubey is a nifty nano aquarium with more than just a cute name. Measuring in at a mighty 3 gallons, the JBJ Cubey is primed to be a great candidate for your office, den, kids room or just about anywhere there is a small area that needs a little bit of aquarium*bedazzling. JBJ took a page from its larger Nano Cubes using a sleek look, all-in-one packaging and three-stage filtration but dropped the size down a notch and even added an option for lighting.​

    JBJ-USA-CUBEY-PG-3-OPERATION-MANUAL_Page_1_Image_0004-265x300.jpg You can take your JBJ Cubey and use it with the typical flip-top tank cover with built-in LED lights or you can take the cover off and opt for a clip-on LED light for that open top look. Either way you get 54 low temperature LEDs configured with 42 cool white (10,000K) and 14 full spectrum blue LEDs (20,000) to give you a crisp white overall look pushing out a bit*more*than 15 W of output. With the small size, you should have no problem keeping some LPS and maybe even a strategically-placed SPS.​

    The JBJ Cubey also uses a three-chamber approach to water movement and filtration. Chamber one brings in the water and can be used for a heater and additional media before heading to the middle chamber where the filter media caddy allows you to use mechanical, chemical and biological filtration controls before heading over to the return chamber. We haven’t gotten final word on how big the return pump will be but we can imagine it will have enough “oomph” for your average marine ecosystem.​

    Right out of the box the JBJ Cubey should be a great fit for most applications but one thing the nano-reefing crowd has shown us is turbocharging a nano or pico can definitely have impressive results. Slap a more robust, full-spectrum LED light on this and maybe add a compact pulse prop pump and you can have a sweet SPS nano. No word on pricing yet but we can be pretty sure they will be competitively priced when they are rolled out in October. Maybe we’ll get a good look at these at MACNA in September.​

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