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8 May 2007
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The JBJ Rimless Desktop all in one nano tanks really caught our attention at the fish store the other day. JBJ has been releasing a litany of different small all in one tanks for many years, trying to see what sticks, but we have a hunch that their new Rimless Desktop series will be a hit.

Before Innovative Marine, and even before the Red Sea Max, there was the JBJ Biocube. This product pioneered the all in one aquarium concept and introduced small scale mini reefing to a whole generation of new and veteran reef keepers alike. With the Rimless Desktop series and particularly the flat panel versions, JBJ is poised to recapture commercial success of with the BioCube with an all new all in one aquarium.


What makes these nano reef packages stand out is the included removable filter systems and thoughtful LED lighting. To date, nearly all AIO packages have featured a filter chamber built into the back or side of the tank. This approach hides all the filter components but it also takes up much of the volume of the aquarium. The filter for the JBJ Rimless Desktop even has a built in slot for inserting your choice of mini aquarium heater.

The sleek internal filter of the JBJ Rimless Desktops is small, thin, and completely removable for complete servicing, or for adjusting its placement on the tank. If we know anything about little nano and pico reef tanks it’s that they truly don’t require the same level of filtration as the bigger reefs, some basic mechanical, chemical and biological filtration is more than enough to do the job, along with small regular water changes.


The other component which puts these tanks on the map is the very reasonable LED lighting options. Like the filtration system, the lighting for nano tanks just doesn’t need to be pedal to the metal – the shallow sizes of nano and pico reefs is easily penetrated by basic LED lighting. The lighting included with JBJ’s Rimless Desktop is a simple LED striplight or T shape, with basic touch controls for adjusting the two channels of color, and intensity – more than enough to satisfy the needs of a starter all in one tank.

The JBJ Rimless Desktop comes in three sizes, two styles and possibly in two colors. The 6 gallon rimless desktop from JBJ is curved glass, with feet for elevating it off a surface, and it comes with a 7 watt LED bar to compliment its peninsular orientation with the filter on one end of the tank.


The different sizes and orientation of the JBJ Rimless Desktop series

Meanwhile the 8 and 10 gallon options have joined corners with high clarity glass, a first for JBJ nano tanks. The 8 gallon rimless desktop is only available in the flat-panel orientation with a 10w T-shape LED panel. The 10 gallon JBJ Rimless Desktop is available with a 9 watt LED strip in the peninsular layout, or with the same 10w LED as the 8 gallon in the flat panel orientation.

Both the 8 and 10 gallon come with an included pedestal, JBJ is considering making the tanks available in white but for now we’re likely to see just the black versions making the rounds. The 6 gallon curved glass peninsular rimless desktop retails for $99, the 8 gallon flat panel retails fro $133 and the 10 gallon JBJ Rimless Desktop tops out at $159. [JBJ]
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