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    The massive 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan on Friday caused extensive damage to human life and property and unfortunately, the aquariums and stores of many of our Japanese comrades were not spared. Aquarium stores located in Northeast Japan were especially hard hit; they experienced broken tanks, and shelves and aquarium setups completely toppled over. Blue Harbor in Osaka was spared, but Aqua Design Amano, Negishi Sango En and B-box were not. Koji Wada of Blue Harbor tells us that he and others experienced the 1985 Kobe earthquake but the Japan earthquake Friday was much worse.

    Furthermore, following the severe power outages in Japan, many reefers are simply shutting down their aquariums which we dread will result in the termination of many aquarium systems. Our thoughts are with our Japanese aquarium brothers as they make the sacrifices necessary for them to survive the catastrophic damage caused by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami.


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