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    Writing short and brief blog posts and occasionally articles about the state of the marine aquarium hobby, is both liberating and limiting. On the one hand we are not hamstrung to recount an entire story about a single topic, just get the word out and let you the readers know the good news as fast as we learn it.

    On the other hand, there’s always so much to be said, so much more analysis and discussion that we can make about a broad spectrum of topics.*In an effort to give you more on reef aquariums, the technology, the fish and the corals, we are going to start having regular reefing discussions and tape it on video for you guys. Our conversations will always be unscripted, off the cuff, and will almost always include beers.

    In our first installment, Mark and I wax poetic on just about everything that happened in the reef aquarium scene in 2013, and muse on what the next year might bring. We already have a hunch of some great things that will be happening in the livestock and technology side of the marine aquarium hobby for the next orbit around the sun so stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy our first crack at sharing our passion for reef tanks on video.

    Disclaimer: We are reefers first, bloggers second and videographers way after that. We’ll work at improving the audio and video quality over time, so bare with us.*

    Jake and Mark talk about reef tanks over beers Part 2 - YouTube
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