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    If you thought that the Chalice corals are coming in crazy colors, the old aquarium favorite brain coral*Trachyphyllia is beginning to be imported with colors that will melt your brain. Global Reef Supply recently landed a batch of cherry LPS corals from Jakarta Indonesia that includes some amazing chalice corals and carpet anemones and more than one “ultimate”*Trachyphyllia geoffroyi*with colors and pattern to rival the most brilliant master scolies.

    The particular Trachy pictured above is one of several which arrived with incredible range of coloration with vivid red, pinks and oranges speckled with green and yellow and a brightly colored mouth to accent it all. While other master-scoly-level*Trachyphyllia have arrived at U.S. marine life dealers before, this specific perfectly colored and circular shaped large single polyp single handedly raises the bar for this species of LPS coral.

    As glorious as this Trachy is, as we have seen in the past the quality of all corals available to us seems to increase on a yearly basis. So year-over-year the quality of the Acans, Trachys, Scolies and chalice corals just always seem to get better. The Jakarta super Trachy could see a retail price as high as $1000 once it hits the retail level, but like the UFO and Master Scolies before it, next year will probably see the Indo Trachies look more and more like this one, even if they never achieve quite the same level of color saturation and diversity.

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