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4 May 2007
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Why does everyone rave about the Jager Heaters? What makes them better than the rest of the heaters available?
The temperature can be precisely adjusted from 18° to 34°C and readjusted if required. The control accuracy is +/- 0.5°C.
The heat is controlled to a constant temperature. The heating function is indicated by an on/off control lamp

The heater can be fully immersed, is protected against running dry and is suitable for fresh or marine water.

The glass jacket enlarges the heating surface and ensures optimum even heat transfer. Thus, a smaller wattage than other brands will heat the same volume of water.

Jacket of laboratory safety glass

Laboratory safety glass was made for research purposes. Therefore, it is free from pollutants, which could seep into the water. It is resistant to chemical and biological substances. It does not have any fissures and hair cracks, which condensation water can penetrate. And it is shatter-proof ie. resistant to cold water shock, which can occur during maintenance or sudden water level changes
Its proved itself for a while. Maybe its also just perception.
A heater is a cheap but very important piece of euipment.
So guys just tend to lean to what majority uses.
I dunno...But I have found the Regent heaters to work very well for me and its less than half the price.Jager is a very good heater.WOuld love to have one though..
For some reason the 300W Jager claims 1000L and normal 300W heaters only claim around 300L. They also look cool. You can calibrate them.
Owned by Eheim - a brand that speaks for itself.

Cheaper made equipment uses cheaper materials - stands to reason. My only fear with a heater is a theremostat sticking and cooking the tank so I would pay a bit more for a reputeable brand.

I use a 300w Jager and find the temp setting very accurate.
The 300w Jager heater is also much longer than a normal 300w heater. Not sure why. I think they are great heaters. Thinking of that I think I must get mine back from Wizard !
hmmmm, looks like Copper has downloaded the entire internet, always got info on hand :p


ok, next 2 questions....I am replacing all 3 of my heaters.

What sort of price do they go for (200w) and where from?

I run my heaters off a Tunze temperature controller, is it worthwhile getting the jager heaters if I don't need their accuracy or should I go for cheaper ones again.
Dean I am also considering getting a Jager. I have a crappy one and with the cold front at the moment is not heating my setup properly. It's a 300W.

Please let me know when you find out.
If you had jagers you wouldn't have to replace them.
Do they make inline heaters? And are there inline heaters available in SA. Need one for a FW setup.
Had my 2 jagers for 10 years now. Still going strong. (The older Green ones)
Not sure if the new ones by eheim are as good. New one is only 6 months old, but still very happy with it.

Mainly used on FW and the only heaters that can run at 32c if needed on a discus tank. The cheaper ones cant get above 30c
my 300w jager is heatina a 2500l system to 24C
Calvin, can we get these in PMB? how much do they cost?
I have run 2 x 200W Jagers on 2000L for 3 years now and have'nt had a chance to test any other brand yet. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.
anyone got a pic of this heater?
Dean, i wouldn't bother buying new heaters etc until you have insulated your outside room.
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