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    We saw the line of Oceanlife food at Interzoo 2012 and now have some*intriguing*information on the new concept the company is exploring — hi-tech*aquarium*display systems for retailers. These smart systems come loaded with features from automatic light adjustments, top off and auto-salinity controls, automatic water changes and more. The company’s base display units are sharp looking as it and adding the 21st century features has come along way from the 20th century LFS fish room.

    This whole entire structure the company showcased at Interzoo was running off of 800W of power that*included*the lights, pump, micro filtration, UV sterilization and electronic controls. Oceanlife also allows the customer to chose the size and color to suit their needs. On top of this, the*filter station can be mounted into pre-existing systems to add features to what you already have on hand. The system is also scalable, allowing to choose from simple features all the way up into the hardcore,*fully-automated functions.

    Here is a breakdown of the system features.

    • Aquatron computer control: With industry standard electronics and touch screen
    • Remote access with common internet browser and VPN:*Using a normal internet browser, you can connect to Aquatron and see exactly the same screen that you see standing in front of the station.
    • SMS Alarm:*You*can receive alarms directly on your cell phone.
    • LED Lighting Control with proximity sensor:*Aquatron controls the LED lights with sunrise and sunset, plus a proximity sensor will control the power of the light so that when someone is approaches to view the fish, the system will gradually increase the light. When people step away, the unit will gradually decrease the light again.
    • Top off system with Auto Salinity Control:*Aquatron controls the salinity and will follow a set during the top off, selecting to add freshwater or salt water
    • Flow Control*Pump with Varia Tech inverter technology:*The water flow is set and the Varia Tech technology will automatically increase the speed of the pump to counter the effect of the micro filter doing its job. As organic matter and waste clog the filter, the water flow inside the tanks will always be the same and will not change. When the filter needs to be changed the Aquatron controller will advise to change the micro filter bag.
    • Automatic Water Change technology:*The water changes are fully automatic. You have only to touch the screen and the Aquatron will change the water and balance the temperature of the new water.
    • Micro filtration and UVC filtration:*Up to 0.5 micron of water filtration through a special filter bag. This is followed by a powerful UV filter with certified radiation up 14,000 hours of use.
    • Double Temperature Measurement:*The temperature is controlled with a double-element sensor for reliable temperature reading and control.
    • Automatic Temperature Control: As the water heats or cools, the*Aquatron will automatically select to turn on or off heating or chilling system (suggested to run on separate controls for redundancy due to complexity of these systems)
    • Heat Coil System: Use alternative energy sources for heating the water, like natural gas and biomass like wood pellets.
    We aren’t sure how much these systems will cost but if you are a retailer looking to find out more, make sure you head to MACNA this fall where they will be*on-hand*to showcase this technology along with their other products.





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    ..WOW..:thumbup:...high end Retailing..:p..I can just imagine how much that Set-up will set you back...:eek:

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