It Pays to Put Marine Fish on Hold

Discussion in 'RSS Feeds' started by MASA Admin, 15 Aug 2014.

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    Marine aquarists are always hearing that it’s unwise to purchase fish or other marine livestock on impulse—that they should thoroughly research any stocking decision to make sure the animal in question is appropriate for their system, compatible with their existing livestock, and a good match for their level of expertise. All good advice to take ... [Read More]

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    Great advice!!:thumbup:
    I've always been inclined to wait before purchasing. Often missing out on new stock but have found that my success level, in terms of lifespan and health of livestock, has increased. If you're really keen on getting something you see, put down a deposit, and then do your research. Most LFS's will give you a credit if you don't take the livestock, at least that has been my experience.

    Remember, your system has a life cycle. So, take your time and ensure a successful system and enjoy the stages it goes through. :)
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