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    I need to some input please. I have recently (27/03/2010) started up a new DSB and refugium.

    See thread

    I have used sea sand for DSB and refugium and have added a bacteria culture. Tested water yesterday for the first time and got the following results.

    Added about 5kg of live rock from an established tank and filled up with NSW from aquarium.

    Test kit used is a Sera bought over the weekend.

    Nitrites = 0
    Nitrates = 0
    Ammonia = 0
    Specific gravity 1.025

    Took a sample of water to LFS yesterday to confirm and they confirmed my reading.

    Is it possible for the cycle to have completed in such a short time? If it will be great or should I wait for the spike to come still?
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    mmmm 5kg live rock not much, and there will be very little die off from such a small amount, you should have had SOME die off from the live sand however

    Could well be that your cycle has not even started - mine took over a month to start with 0 readings across the board - I took some advice from Hennie and added a dead piece of fish/prawn and then it really took off

    IMO, dont take chances, add some hermits, and add a prawn (the ones for human consumption) to your tank for a week and then take another reading

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