Is there ever a 'right' time to setup. Is there ever a limit to fishkeeping

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    25 Nov 2013
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    So its been 8 yrs since I started my crazy addiction into fishkeeping. as many who know me, I started 8 yrs ago with a goldfish bowl and a mnth later into a 4 ft Malawi tank..

    A few months into Malawis i discovered marines and reef keeping then I converted my 4 fr into a mixed reef and that's when it began

    As most guys in did not know limits I went from my 4 ft to a 2m full reef which set me back almost over a 100k. I started this thread because a few minuted ago I when through my old threads and came across my ' 2m for sale thread' a few 3 yrs back and read my reasoning for selling. Very heartbroken at the time but soon after I started again with a cube and then a fully modified full sps boyu tl550 which again set me back 22k

    Now 2 yrs on I have made a switch to planted tanks and now sit with my 3rd setup already lol..

    I've experimented with diferent setups and because it's allot cheaper than marines I have 3 tanks running currently. I dunno if it's just me but it seems somehow by mentoring some guys in the reef hobby, the bug has seem to have bitten

    I'm at a time in my life where I have 2 kids aged 3 and 6 .I bort and sold an investment flat and now in the process of buying a family home.. but every place I look at I always look were will I have space for a tank.. am I just dilusional or am I headed for the big restart lol

    So my question is.. is there ever a right time to start? And knowing myself, is there ever a limit?

    I would like to hear other reefers experiences on when they felt ready and if possible, were they able to limit themselves???
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    i know that feeling, i have gone from 40L to 2500L back to 500L etc, and looking at a possible 4000L in the year to come...

    size doesnt matter, what matters is how much care you can give your tank and what enjoyment you will get from it before it comes a burden, i am happy with 500L :)

    i used to have over 12 tanks running all marines :)
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    16 Dec 2008
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    Primrose Hill, JHB
    I hear you.

    In my situation, i didn't start for almost 6 years, due to it not being the right time, not having a stable concrete foundation (Not moving in 12 months time)
    I myself don't have kids and that is another discussion all together.
    In terms of limiting myself, i have to, when the printed till slip reads "declined" not much more you can do...

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