Invert wipeout

7 May 2007
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When i started my tank in december i had about 10 hermits, a cleaner shrimp and a dancing shrimp. I would find a hermit dead every few weeks. About 2 months ago i found my cleaner dead and about a month ago i found the dancing shrimp dead. I think I've only got about 2hermits left now.
Could something be attacking them? The shrimp's bodies did not look mutilated at all. I've got mostly softies but stopped dosing iodine because of algae issues. But do about 25% water change every 2 weeks. Salinity is measured with those floating glass thermometers and seems fine. Any ideas?
Shrimps are really hard hit my temp. fluctuations how's your temperature? Also was there enough for the hermits to eat?
any possible copper leakages?for eg, how pumps tend to rust?or dosage of any medication like cuprazin?or do you have any fish thats posibbly eating them eg. sweetlips?
Was copper ever used in this tank ?
shane its a difficult one that periodically happens... not sure why and happy you brought this to a discussion.... perhaps a lack of calcuim prohibiting the skeleton hardening after a shed and making them vulnerable to a peck from a fish or perhaps a lack of the right kind of food or waste that they feed off of....

One of the things here, looks like you doing massive water changes, is the salinity and temp correct when you add the new water. The shrimps are very sensitive to salinity changes. Rather cut the water changes down to about 10% a week. Smaller changes more often wont adjust. the parameters so drastically.
Salinity is measured with those floating glass thermometers and seems fine

Saw this now - think you might have salinity fluctuations in your tank .These type of hydrometers are normally quite difficult to read and shrimps are highly sensitive to changes in salinity. Think about investing in a refractometer.

The crabs I still think is dying from natural causes.
The previous owner of the tank did dose some copper maybe that could have something to do with it. I initially thought the cleaner died from lack of food as i feed once a day and the fish grab most of it.
I know 25% is a large change but i'm trying to reduce nutrients, the water is usually alot colder but only affects the temp by a degree or so, will do 10% from now on.
I'm running my tank at 27 to avoid shock in summer.
Did you use the live rock and gravel from the previous system or just the tank?
shane i got one of those temp/hydrometers things like you, and that thing reads to what my refrac reads to, just gotta be in still water, second last compartment of my sump still, but still just use it as a guide, if you got that salinity meter in your first compartment of your sump i would trust what that floaty gives you, get a tall glass fill with tanks water and place your floaty i think you will get a shock!!

if that doesn't please you i am goint to your spot tom so will take the refractometer with
Alan, i used some of the sandstone from previous setup.
Shot mike, i'm not gonna be home 2moro though. Can we make it for friday?
If there is copper in the system it is more than likely comming out of the rock.
Wouldn't copper affect my corals?
It would do, but i think shrimps may be more sensitive to it. Have you got a copper test kit at all? In this case it may be worth while investing inone or have it checked at the LFS.
Nope don't have a copper test kit, will try make a plan. Thanks for the ideas guys
run lots of carbon for the time being , will help remove some of the copper !!!
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