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    The Red Devil Acro is an astounding red strain of*Acropora tenella that we discovered while diving the deeper portions some of the incredible reefs of Kwajalein Atoll. Admittedly it was while searching for another special coral,*Acropora rongelapensis,*that we came across the Red Devil Acro, always growing at between 50 and 100 feet deep.

    The Red Devil Acropora shows some variability in growth form, with smooth branches emanating from a side-attached colony growing from the reef wall, and glowing an eery fluorescent red color that possibly rivals even the incredibly popular Red Dragon Acropora. Where the Red Devil really stands out is for a gnarly branch form which is not only red, but also peppered with fluorescent yellow to green polyps that really grab the divers eye underwater.

    The branch shape of the Red Devil Acropora tenella ranges from wide flattened shape to thinner tubular branches with remarkable sideways growing corallites that develop into a beautiful fan shapes in certain colonies and environments. We do believe that*Acropora tenella is available maricultured from Indonesia but not in this incredible red coloration that the Red Devil Acro demonstrates.

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