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20 Jul 2015
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Surabaya, Indonesia
Hi There

My name is Ken and I am a South African teacher who is working abroad. I am currently teaching in Surabaya, Indonesia. I am a rabid scuba diver and have always wanted to have a marine tank and figured that Indonesia would be the best place to give it a go.

I have a 250gal tank (1000litres) including sump, lit by a strip of LED's. The tank is about 6 weeks old and I have only put creatures in about 4 weeks ago with a week between adding new corals.

I have been learning a lot recently and am trying to keep ahead of what the tank needs. I have a guy from a shop in Surabaya who has been helping me set up and supply the corals and fish, and have relied on his expertise almost too much. For example, he gave me seahorses but they ended up getting caught in the wavemaker and dying.....much to the distress and dismay of the whole family.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons I have joined this there is so much to learn and know.
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Would love to see pics of your tank! Indonesia really have some beautiful fish and coral available to you!

What livestock and equipment do you currently have in your tank and your tank parameters regarding ammonia and nitrates? Your tank is still new and the members here may give you some great advice on how to make sure that your livestock survive going forward :)

All the best!
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