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    The Eco-lamps coral fluorescent protein checker flashlights showed some serious potential when the news first broke loose of their release. Of course we got our hands on a set, and these actually might be some of the coolest aquarium toys we’ve played with in a while. With a large range of 365nm, 380nm, 400nm, 420nm, 450nm, 475nm and 500nm these Eco-lamps coral fluorescent flashlight hit a lot of fluorescent sweet spots. They are* a bit smaller than we expected, but we might actually like it more this way. Keep reading for our first impressions of these sweet coral fluorescent protein checker flashlights.


    The build quality of these flashlights is top notch, and during some initial use lack any flaws we can think off. The flashlights measures 4 3/4 inches long fitting easily in the palm of your hand during use making it a pleasure to hold in your hand. At 1 watt each some of the flashlights are a bit dimmer than we expected, especially the 365nm and 380nm UV flashlights as you can see in some of the pictures. Because of the relatively low brightness the flashlights seem to be designed to be used in the dark rather than in a fully lit reef tank.

    The flashlights are color labeled for easy differentiation of the color spectrum. The two black*coral fluorescent protein checker flashlights represent the UV side of the spectrum with 365nm and 380nm varations. The red coral fluorescent protein checker flashlights represent the deep blue wavelengths bordering on UV with 400nm (hyper violet) and 420nm (deep blue) variations. Lastly the blue coral fluorescent protein checker flashlights are the more familiar blue spectrum with 450nm (royal blue), 475nm (regular blue) and 500nm (cyan) variations.


    The set of flashlights retails at $375 for the whole set, and $268 without the 475nm and 365nm flashlights. Currently the Eco-lamps flashlights are* only available through 1.023 World, but hopefully they will be imported into the States soon. We still have to do a full run down of the flashlights with some live action coral shots, so stay tuned. Meanwhile check out some additional pictures below.






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