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8 May 2007
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interzoo 2012

InterZoo 2012 is the largest pet trade show this side of the our solar system, and it’s so big that InterZoo only happens every two years. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve had a major uptick in the posting of new products that will be released at InterZoo 2012. Even though InterZoo hasn’t even begun to be set up yet, we’re already covering and discovering all the latest and greatest news which we anticipate InterZoo 2012 will bring us. If you are a regular reader of Reef Builders you ought to know that we are just warming up, and there’s a whole lot more blogging about to happen.

InterZoo 2012*will take us to Nuremberg, Germany and back to report on all the major news and products about to hit the aquarium trade. You know*we’ll have all the reef news of*InterZoo 2012 covered and smothered and we will even dip our toes into the freshwater end of the pool to see what our fellow aquascapers, cichlid keepers, discus breeders and pet shrimp growers are up to.

If you’ll recall two years ago, during the last InterZoo no single other news outlet covered as much pet product news as we did – not the cat people, not the dog people, not the reptile folks and definitely not the grooming guys. Stay tuned all week as we work our typing fingers to the bone bringing you the latest and greatest of the international aquarium scene and let’s discover together what kind of marvels InterZoo 2012 will bring. [InterZoo]
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