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    This interesting flotation*and underwater exploration device is so obviously geared towards the wrong demographic. Sure plenty of parents will be interested in getting the Under the Sea*flotation*device with a pretty impressive periscope for their kids but what parent doesn’t wish this would come in a larger, adult version? We imagine plenty of these will*accidentally*be ruined as “Dad” tries to take it for a spin because it is so cool. You could get a more robust version, throw on a pair of fins and paddle all over exploring what’s underneath the waves.

    In all seriousness, this concept device is pretty darn cool and would be a good idea for a pool or a calm lake but we can’t image letter your tyke off the beach in breaking waves to get a peek at some ocean life. They are on to something with the periscope and just imagine all the extra revenue “Snorkel Bob” could make with this invention. Click through for a pretty*awful* intriguing concept video of the Under the Sea*flotation*device.

    [via Gizmodo*and Tuvie]

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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