Interesting growth on rocks

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    Long Island New York USA
    I love it when something new grows in my tank, even if it is something that many people think is a plague. I just find it interesting. This is the stuff that stirs my interest in this lifelong hobby.
    This stuff started growing on my rocks a few months ago and at first I thought it was some type of coral. It turns out it is some sort of invasive bubble algae but for some reason it is not that invasive.
    It only seems to grow in certain places and I think it makes the rock much more facinating. I really don't like the look of new, clean, sterilized rock and know that if my rock ever gets like that I know something is wrong.
    This is a DIY, hollow cement "rock"
    Here is another piece with a little tuft of hair algae growing on a frayed string. It is the only hair algae in the tank and I also find that interesting so I leave it alone.
    There is very little algae in the rest of the tank but I do have a nice growth of short turf algae in some places. This comes from where I collect rocks and water in the Long Island Sound.
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    I had similar growths in my tank. Some articles I read said it could be a macro algae. I left it and it started spreading which got me a little concerned. Until I got myself my Dorey Tang and he ate it so quickly that I did not even have time to say goodbye. Or take a photo :blush:

    My display tank is my sump so stuff like this does not disturb me.
    Bar one. Aptasia killkanga

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