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    The concept of a scraper for aquarium corners couldn’t be simpler, and yet it solves a problem that for some reason hasn’t been solved before. If you own a Nano-cube, a bio-cube or whatever floats your AIO boat (or any system with weird corners for that matter)*you’ve probably encountered this; cleaning those *corners is more than slightly annoying!

    Algae magnets simply don’t do anything for corners at all, and scrapers can be hard to maneuver especially the ones with a longer handle. You might have resorted to some sort of pad, but for anything but soft algae that is just not going to cut it either. This is where the InTank All-in-One corner scraper comes in. It basically is not much more than a piece of acrylic, and yet it is much more than just a piece of acrylic.

    With three different round corners and one 90° corner the InTank All-in-One Corner Scraper will scrape virtually any round corner, and the sides can be used to scrape the rest of your aquarium’s glass as well. Yes you’ll have to get your hand wet, but that’s the case with any other method you might have come up with. Laser cut right here in the USA the InTank All-in-One Corner scraper also looks a lot better than any solution you have come up with.






    The InTank All-in-One Corner Scraper is free with any purchase over $175 or can be purchased individually for $8.99. To order the InTank All-in-One Corner Scraper and for more info be sure to head over to the InTank website.
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