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    We are offering some crazy instore specials this week.

    We have the new Red sea Range in stock 10 percent of all test kits and supplements.

    We have the following specials on Solarmax Lights

    T5/LED combo units (3Watt LED's used)
    4 x 54 watt T5
    108 Watt LED 36 x 3 watt LED's (FULLY DIMMABLE)

    Selling for R5999 this is not a misprint :p


    LED lighting units 108 watt
    36 x 3 watt LED's (FULLY DIMMABLE)

    Replace that 400 watt Halide now

    Selling for R4299 this is not a misprint :p

    New food in stock directly imported from germany

    very high quality marine foods.

    R139 per tub

    Soll organix

    Söll Fischfutter - Home
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