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    At one point or another, we’ve looked at a T-shirt design for a product and thought, “Hey I coulda done it better!” Well now is your chance as Instant Ocean is crowdsourcing its next T-shirt design and if they select it, you will get a cool 60 gallon cube aquarium, equipment, Instant Ocean salt and your T-shirt. Plus there will be two other runner up winners who will receive some salt and a shirt as well.

    All you have to do is scan your sketch or create a design on your computer, save your entry as a .jpg or .png file, and then upload it on the Instant Ocean Facebook Page. The Instant Ocean team does ask, if possible, your submitted design should be 300dpi and as close to actual size as possible and do tell them a little bit about your design.

    You have until November 8, 2014 to enter.

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