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    We’re big fans of DIY and while we appreciate finely tuned DIY acrylicsmithing, there is just something pleasant about quick, cheap and effective DIY projects that just work. This DIY skimmate locker is a prime example. Constructed with re-purposed parts for under $10 it may not be pretty, but it works.

    We found this thread over at Reef2Reef posted by SB Reef Lights that uses a animal cracker container from Sam’s Club or Costco, a pill bottle, a float switch, some hose barbs, fittings and tubing. Here is what he had to say:

    “So I’m on the road 3-4 nights a week and wanted something more reliable than just a 1 gallon jug that can still overflow. So I decided to make an automated Skimate Locker. Skimate goes into the 2.5 gallon container (Sam’s Club Animal Crackers). When the level goes up high enough it trips the float valve which signals the Reef Keeper. The Reef Keeper then turns both skimmers off until it is emptied. It also sounds an alarm and sends me an email. Once I add the throat cleaners, it will be a fairly hands off skimmer set up. Pill bottle of charcoal added to avoid stinking up the house as skimate enters the locker and air escapes. Total cost about $10. Had everything except the float valve which was $4.95 shipped on Amazon.”


    Definitely an effective project that works well for this system. As fans of DIY, we find it is a great way to save money, solve a problem and tinker around the aquarium.

    [via Reef2Reef]
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