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    The innovate Marine MiniMax media reactors are seriously cool media reactors for the All-in-one nano crowd, mainly due to the fact that the media is removable from the reactor making them optimal for top and rear loading into back compartments. The MiniMax reactors furthermore allow easy flow adjustment with the same knob used to remove the media.

    With designs focused on All-in-one crowd, the MiniMax media reactors were only available in a 150ml and 300ml model on release. Recognizing the need for larger reactors for the general market, however Innovative Marine is now releasing a one liter model, so reefers with larger tanks can get in on the top-loading media reactor action.

    Innovative-Marine-MiniMax-1L-2.jpg Innovative-Marine-MiniMax-1L-3.jpg

    The one liter Innovative Marine MiniMax reactors should be in final production shortly with the release expected around the end of May. Pricing on the 1 liter MiniMax media reactors is currently not yet known, but with the other two models retailing for $99 and $129 for the 150ml model and 300ml model respectively, expect these reactors to be in around the same price range as others on the market.
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