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    Now this is interesting, we knew that Innovative Marine was hitting the ground running with their launch of new aquarium products but the Nuvo 16 is packing a little more heat than usual. In addition to the two Skkye LED tablets with individual reflectors, it is a pleasant surprise to see integrated rotating return nozzles in the Nuvo 16 which IM is calling ‘spin stream returns’. The two spin stream returns should be enough to flow up this all-in-one reef aquarium for most types of corals provided they are being driven by an adequately powerful water pump.

    The Innovative Marine Nuvo 16 comes is $350 and comes with two 8 watt LED lights which is enough for illumination of this aquarium but definitely needs to be bumped up to something brighter if you want to really grow some corals. The Nuvo 16 aquarium has a real ‘presentation factor’ with all glass construction, bent corners, trimless edges with very discreet filtration neatly tucked into the rear chamber of the tank. Anyone have one of these up and running with livestock yet?
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