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    We were able to get the exclusive download and now have more details including the pricing and availability on the upcoming Innovative Marine NUVO 24 desktop aquarium we uncovered last week . As we mentioned before, the NUVO 24 is a stretched out version of a desktop aquarium in a market dominated by cubes.

    The biggest news is the aquarium will be available starting April 21, 2013, and will have an ***P of $399.*The additional length (dimensions are 36 x 11.81 x 13 in.)*gives a nice spread out panoramic view for your reef collection and has ample space for filtration to keep the water sparkling clean.

    Available in either black or white, the Innovative Marine**NUVO 24 is supported by a acrylic*pedestal*and is constructed out of 6 mm glass with bent corners to give you ultimate clarity and viewing. The aquarium also includes a tempered glass lid and clips if needed.

    So what will you get when you open your NUVO 24 for the first time? You get the aquarium, tank and lid, return pump, and media baskets. Fine tune your system with lights of your own, a pair of MiniMax media reactors and a SkimMate protein skimmer (all sold separately) and you’ll have one rocking system.


    If you take a look at the drawing of the back of the aquarium, it gives you a better idea of the roominess and filtration capabilities of the NUVO 24. The tank is flanked on both sides with dual overflows and pretty good sized media baskets. *The 476 GPH return pump gives you 20x turnover and you could easily add supplemental pumps to kick it into overdrive. The return pump feeds dual*return*nozzles and leaves room enough for two media reactors and a skimmer.

    Make sure you check out the video overview of the Innovative Marine NUVO 24 below and then go put your order in at your favorite LFS.

    Innovative Marine NUVO Nano24 Gallon Aquarium - YouTube
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