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    The HydroFill ATO system is an advanced new pair of devices from Innovative Marine which is aiming to be king of the Auto-Top-Off hill. Consisting of a thoughtfully designed and engineered controller and diaphragm pump, the Hydrofill ATO system are completely novel products, with no rebadging or OEMing in sight.

    Specially built from the ground up to be the most easy to use and secure Auto Top Off system, the pump and controller features loads of innovations to make any nervous ATO noobie feel right at home. The Hydrofill controller uses conductivity to measure water level across no fewer than*four points, and easy programming allows it to easily interface with all manner of filler pumps. Meanwhile, the Hydrofill ATO Pump is like a ToM Lifter pump on steroids with a much higher flow rate and maximum pressure. We will have the full rundown on the new Hydrofill ATO system from Innovative Marine tomorrow so check back

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