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8 May 2007
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A few months ago, Innovative Marine announced their new line of coral frag racks, the Reef Rack, which comes in three sizes from a small 32 frag ReefRack, a medium 50 frag ReefRack, and the big daddy ReefRack 102. The number designated the number of frags which can actually fit on the ReefRacks when each frag plug is placed disc to disc.

The innovation of the ReefRacks is their slide-out coral trays which can be easily summoned when more frag space is needed. But these sliding trays don’t have a catching mechanism to keep them from sliding completely out, so it it necessary to omit certain rows of holes for frag plugs in order to keep the shelf secure in the structure.

We took our time feeling up all three models of the ReefRack from Innovative Marine, seeing exactly how many discs they could fit, and how many grown out coral frags would actually ‘ride’ the ReefRack without touching each other. Needless to say, the number designated for each model only seriously applies to tiny little bitty nubbins of corals, or as WWC Victor calls them, ‘buggers’.

Even if you have to skip a few holes in order to allow corals some breathing room, there is no doubt that the IM ReefRack is dense housing for coral frags. Where most frag racks are static and include just a single shelf of frag holding space, the ReefRacks are veritable condominiums or apartment housing for coral frags.

With the American reefing hobby currently enjoying a very strong preference for coral fragging and frag collecting, the ReefRack hits the sweet spot for concentrated display and holding space for all the fraggies we like to pick up at the LFS, the reefing events, frag swaps, from our friends, and even the ones we like to make ourselves.

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